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Eco-Friendly Building with Parex

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There are many emerging trends in the construction industry this 2018 that integrates robotics, virtual reality, and drone technologies. Standing out from the rest is GREEN BUILDING. Green Building is a concept that aims to consider the environment on its design-build process. This trend allows the merging of buildings to natural landscapes and gives a modern flare for design. While this aims to create a contemporary scenery, Green Building also promotes the use of materials that are very safe to our planet and to us.

The Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC) is one of many organizations that supported this trend. The group highly promotes collaboration between its members on sharing construction and building practices that focuses on sustaining the environment. One of its members is ParexGroup Philippines.

ParexGroup Philippines is one of the leading suppliers of innovative construction solutions that are generally non-toxic and are of world class quality. Among these are K10 Polyurethane Plus (Waterproofing), K10 GRS 2000 (Waterproofing, Roof Garden Systems), K10 Solartac (Heatshielding), K11 Flex (Waterproofing), and Davco Dustless TTB Tile Adhesive (Less Air Pollution). ParexGroup Philippines understands that Green Building is a relevant trend that should be supported. They are devoted to advance the eco-friendly design-building movement in their own way.

For more details about ParexGroup Philippines’ products visit this website http://www.parexgroup.com.ph/ or this facebook page https://web.facebook.com/parexgroup.philippines/