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Finding Roof Leaks: A Simple Guide

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Since we live in a tropical country with seasonal storms, we often only discover leaks when it’s too late -- when we have to rush for a bucket to catch dripping water from the ceiling. But to discover them early, and hopefully save more of your property, you need to do some sleuthing. Here’s some tips on how to find them at home:

#1 Check for spots on your ceiling. Some leaks aren’t strong enough to force their way through your ceiling. Some just build up over time, showing itself as dark spots. These would vary in size, depending on how long they’ve gone unnoticed.

#2 Inspect your walls for drip marks. Leaks that just run down your interior or exterior walls may go unnoticed, as you may tend to ignore them for the most part. If you see a patch of wall that’s darker then the rest, look closer, that may be evidence of a leak.

#3 When sight fails you, use your sense of smell! Rot, mold, and other fungal growth are signs of moisture build-up, and thus leaks! But, it may not be easy to spot. When that happens, observe for odd smells in your home and track them. It may lead you to areas where leaks have gone on for quite some time but haven’t been found since they’re in less frequented areas in your home.

#4 Do regular maintenance checks of your home. Given our weather patterns, our homes are exposed to the ravages of the elements quite regularly. Scorching hot one day, torrential rain in the next. All of this takes a toll on our home’s structures. Having a professional go through your home, especially checking for damage on your roof, walls, and ceiling could save you a lot of trouble in the future. Found early, leaks can be patched up easy. Over time, roof or even ceiling parts may need to be replaced if leaks weren’t found and repaired immediately.

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