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Expand your parex vocubulary

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The #ParexPH website is a treasure trove of information about the Parex brand, its offerings, and where to find them. You’ll also get access to product descriptions, and videos that help you better understand each #ParexPH product. But the most detailed info you can get per product is from the TDS file, which you can get by clicking on the link:

From the file, you’ll learn detailed specifications and even the proper usage of each product. But to make the best use out of this document, it’s best to expand your vocabulary! Here are just a few terms you can learn!

1. Rendering - It is defined as spreading a mortar or another mix on an external wall. 2. Skim Coat - It is a thin coat of a compound to repair or smooth damaged walls, repairing a crack, filling a joint, or leveling an area with an existing flat surface. 3. Shuttered Concrete - A formwork constructed on site, typically made out of timber boards or steel, and then concrete is poured and left to cure. Once the formwork is removed, its imprint is left on the surface. 4. Reinforced Concrete - Concrete in which wire mesh or steel bars are embedded to increase it tensile strength. 5. Precast Concrete - A product produced by casting concrete in a reusable mold or form, cured in a controlled environment, then transported to the construction site to be lifted into place. This is in contrast to standard concrete which is poured and cured on site. 6. Soffit - An exterior or interior architectural feature, generally the underside of any construction element -- such as the material connecting an exterior wall to the edge of the roof under the eaves. 7. Substrate - Refers to the surface in which materials such as sealants, paints, and other surface finishes are applied. These terms are just a few of the technical concepts you may encounter in a TDS. These definitions are found all over the web! It’s just a matter of finding reliable sources for them. So should you encounter any word you don’t understand, Google is your friend!

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