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Five Important Holiday Home Improvement Tips

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With Christmas and the New Year just around the corner, your holiday preparations at home are about to hit full swing. Between early gift purchases to clearing out schedules for all the upcoming parties, you might just find the time to squeeze-in an all-important activity – sprucing up your home for the festivities. Here’s five tips to help you make your home fit for the yuletide season.

1. Have a Plan Whether you’re just fixing up your den; or extending the work all the way to the dining room and kitchen, it’s best to lay it all out in one plan. Identify how you want to change up each room, what you need to purchase to make that happen, and what needs to be replaced, etc.

2. Be Practical It is important to remember not to go overboard. Unless the contractor you hired is top-notch and can do a lot in a small amount of time, be sure to renovate only within the realm of practicality. All you need is a holiday-ready home, nothing extra fancy that requires too much time and budget.

3. Stretch Your Creative Vision How you improve your home this season will define the tone of your spaces for the coming new year. Keep designs timeless and yet refreshingly current. When picking out the ways to beautify your home, always ask yourself “would I still like this a year from now?”.

4. Get the *Best* Option While it should be the easiest option to just pick-up the latest home design and furniture catalogue and order what you fancy, you might be missing out on great finds and deals. By putting in this extra effort, you might discover affordable, unique, quality additions for your home – even at the shops nearest you.

5. Make it a Family Project Don’t do it all yourself! Your loved ones’ insight and input might go a long way to make your planned home improvement perfect. By including them in the process, you let them own how their home will look – making the change for the holidays even more special.

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