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Simple Home Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

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Nothing escapes the ravages of time - not even your house that you’ve built and maintained with care. Daily wear and tear, the toll of the elements, and a number of other factors can contribute to something in your house breaking. But a prudent, responsible homeowner doesn’t just call the contractor or repairman for every single thing that needs to be fixed -- there are some you can do yourself! You’ll even save a good sum by doing simple repairs while living in the comfort that you can deal with easy house maintenance tasks all on your own. Here are some helpful tips to get you started!

Source: https://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/diy-home-improvement

#1 Limit the mess when doing a paint job. Any space or surface that needs a fresh coat of paint needs to be cleared out first. Take away anything that doesn’t need to be painted over. Give it a good cleaning to take out any dirt and grime. Afterwards, it would be a good time to sand rough spots or spackle over any imperfections. Any fixtures that can’t be removed has to be covered to avoid any splatters. It goes without saying that unless you want a mess all over your floor, lay enough cloth or plastic to prevent the paint from seeping through. With everything prepped, you can focus on properly applying layers of paint without worrying about anything else.

#2 Unclogging the toilet. When just flushing won’t do the trick, it’s time to use some tools! Usual clogs can be handled by plungers. Just make sure the head is fully submerged in water before you give it a thrust. Eight to ten good tries should force the clog away. Tougher clogs may need toilet augurs. Just run the augur till you feel the clog then crank! Keep cranking until water flows freely again.

#3 Replacing Leaky Faucets. To avoid an even bigger mess when replacing a leaky faucet, make sure to shut-off its water source first. The valve should be nearby. If somehow you can’t properly identify it or if you’re replacing a number of faucets all at once, it’s best to shut off the line supplying water to your home. So that you can make sure everything fits, take a picture of the faucet(s) you need to replace and ask your local handyman to give you an exact model replacement, or any faucet of similar specifications.

#4 Patching-up Walls. Over time, your interior and exterior walls take a lot of damage. These can be holes, cracks, and other imperfections that would mar an otherwise smooth surface. To restore your wall’s former glory, it would be best to give them a good cleaning before applying the right kind of spackle or plastering to patch and even things over. If you’re dealing with concrete walls, #ParexPH would have a range of technical mortars and other cement solutions to help you repair your surfaces.

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